The Summer Soldiers program was developed as an incentive to recognize football players for their commitment in the classroom, commitment to growing Newport football in the community, and commitment to preparation in the offseason. The response was amazing! We had over 60 athletes turn out at some point this summer and had 21 players that joined an elite squad known as the Summer Soldiers. The following 21 players scored enough points in a combination of GPA, community service, and offseason attendance to weight room/other sp.

Congratulations to the 22 players who worked to earn their Summer Soldier award!


Sean An(**** 4 time honor); Ryan Chu, Hamilton Hergott, Tre Louis****, Jenna Martz****, Roman Morrison, Aiden Pickering****, Logan Richard***, Alex Tzekov, Trey Wikstrom

Nathan Chang, Jack Denger, Nathan Li, Aln Wu 

Nicholas Edwards**, Brandon Gladner, Josh Hoffman**, Tyler LoMauro, Mason Pickering,Jackson Slater, Nirun Turner  

These student-athletes all earned a prestigious Summer Soldiers t-shirt for their efforts and are wearing a special helmet decal to commemorate their efforts.